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Masters of Momentum: Crafting Digital Triumphs with Innovation and Integrity.

A brief reflection from our CEO Cutter Streeby


“In the shadows of commerce, you find yourself at a crossroads. Either you've danced with agencies and freelancers, only to be left with a taste of disappointment on your lips, or you've taken up the gauntlet of running your own advertising enterprise, realizing the folly of wearing every hat in the eCommerce circus. The outcome remains the same – a desperate struggle for the elusive growth you crave. We sense your plight, for there's no harsher sight than watching your revenue wither, haunted by the specters of stress, frustration, and sleepless nights. The entrepreneur's nightmare, etched in self-doubt, fear of failure, and the dread of returning to square one. None among us wishes such a fate upon another. Yet, we acknowledge the Herculean task of finding a growth partner – an investment of time, money, and trust, a challenge we approach with solemnity. While we could weave tales of sunshine and lollipops, the truth, as you know, is far from it. 2020, once the zenith of eCommerce, morphed into 2021, a crucible of challenges ... The game shifted; data dwindled, reporting veiled, and targeting clipped by Apple's iOS updates. Most failed to adapt, leaving brands like yours to weather the storm, struggling to sustain growth. Yesterday's ad tactics, rendered obsolete, refuse to steer tomorrow's brand evolution. Our journey began in December 2020, foreseeing the tempest on the horizon. While others lounged in complacency, we orchestrated change – tweaking strategies, crafting in-house 'True First Part Server-to-Server' tracking tech, resetting goals, and preparing for the inevitable shift. No stone left unturned in our pursuit of performance, a relentless quest for you, our partners. We had to, for without consistent performance, growth remains a fleeting mirage. And in this narrative, your growth stands as the sole protagonist, the only plotline that truly matters.” And the only thing that matters here is your growth.

The Company

Elevating Brands Beyond Boundaries.

Discover the driving force behind Grayling and Wraith – a dynamic force shaping digital success through innovation, passion, and unwavering dedication.

Our Philosophy

Strategic Growth, Shared Success.

Our philosophy revolves around more than just numbers; it’s about cultivating partnerships, delivering meaningful impact, and navigating the evolving landscape of digital growth with strategic foresight.

Our TEam

The Architects of Success.

Meet the diverse ensemble at Grayling and Wraith – a collaborative team of industry experts, strategists, and creative minds. Together, we blend unique perspectives to sculpt innovative solutions and propel your brand toward unprecedented growth.


CEO and Founder

Cutter Streeby


Chief Experience Officer

Chrystiana Lynn

Tigran Sahakyan

Chief Project Manager

Tigran Sahakyan


Social Media Strategic Lead

Vanessa Gomez


Social Media Strategist

Desiree Ortiz

Janna Matevosyan

Project Manager

Janna M

Core tenets

Shaping Success Through Integrity, Innovation, and Client-Centric Dedication

Embodied Excellence

Guided by a commitment to unparalleled quality, we redefine industry standards.

Innovative Integrity

Fusing creativity and ethical practices to pioneer new benchmarks in digital excellence.

Client-Centric Devotion

Dedicated to exceeding client expectations, we are partners in your success story.

Collaborative Brilliance

A team-driven ethos, where collective intelligence fuels inventive solutions and lasting success.

Agile Adaptability

Navigating the dynamic digital landscape with flexibility, ensuring proactive and responsive strategies.

Transparent Trust

Built on honesty and openness, our partnerships are anchored in unwavering trust.

The Client Chronicle: Real Accounts of Success and Satisfaction.