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Tap into the vast potential of 4.62 billion social media users and connect instantly with your customers through our strategic social media campaigns.


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Social Media Paid Advertising

● Facebook Ads
● Instagram Ads
● YouTube Ads
● LinkedIn Ads

Audience Targeting

● Account-based retargeting
● CRM Pipeline retargeting

Lead Lifecycle Marketing

● Lead nurturing
● Email marketing
● SMS marketing
● Timed content marketing

Navigating Digital Excellence

Drive traffic and users to your

We design and optimize sophisticated marketing campaigns to deliver the highest ROI possible from your advertising budget. Our proven method and proprietary social media ads management deliver positive ROAS at scale, whether direct sales or lead generation. Our seasoned team is poised to provide the best experience for your audience from the first click to check out. No matter the channel, we can design, build, and optimize the suitable ads that drive conversion. We’ve helped sales teams, entrepreneurs, small businesses, multimillion-dollar nonprofits, and even A Fortune 500 company optimize the best ads to maximize their advertising dollars.

Dominate Social Channels with Paid Ads

Reach more people

Deliver the right message to the right audience. We craft custom ads that speak to your target market.

Keep the conversation going

Grayling Agency’s omnichannel approach makes it easier for people to know and understand your brand and what you offer, no matter which platforms they use.

Grow your business

We ensure that your business stays in the minds of your audience with creative and engaging content delivered where they are most likely to convert.

Your Success, Our Expertise
Choosing Grayling

Omnichannel Paid Ads Approach

Your marketing dollars go further—and we’re not just talking about your ad spend: we’re talking about the entire customer experience. From CRM to content to support and everything in between, we can truly change your paid media strategy.

Advertising & Branding

Our team takes ownership of our client’s social media campaigns and maximizes reach and brand awareness while tracking relevant business KPIs. Your business stays in the minds of your audience with creative and engaging content delivered where they are most likely to convert.


When you collaborate with Grayling Agency(™), you work with a specialized team that fits seamlessly into your department. We take a hands-on approach to delivering clear KPIs, so you’re in the loop on the progress of your ads.

Grayling and Wraith

Our Expertise

Equipped with insights about your ideal audience, we tailor-fit our ads to deliver your brand value to the right demographics. We can retarget your cold and lukewarm prospects and turn them into hot leads.

Each ad caters to a different target audience segment to ensure all your demographics discover and learn about your brand.

Our lead nurturing strategies can help your regular customers identify with your brand.

Dermsilk is a global supplier of name brand beauty products like Obagi, Skinmedica, isClinical and other physician grade skincare products. They came to Grayling Agency looking for an organic social media strategy that would support their global audience and help them grow an organic following. Over the course of a year (and counting), Grayling Agency grew their social following from 500 to over 25,000 while generating a stable return on ad spend of 579%.