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From Negative Returns to 479% Growth

Dermsilk is a global supplier of name brand beauty products like Obagi, Skinmedica, isClinical and other physician grade skincare products. They came to Grayling Agency looking for an organic social media strategy that would support their global audience and help them grow an organic following. Over the course of a year (and counting), Grayling Agency grew their social following from 500 to over 25,000 while generating a stable return on ad spend of 579%.
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Table of Contents

Their goals

  • Increase Social Following & Engagement
  • Unique & Unified Brand Identity Across all Channels
  • Increased Conversions
  • Influencer Marketing & UGC

Pain Points

Dermsilk had worked with a few other social media agencies, and they were not happy with production and felt like they lacked a strategic plan. They had been posting for over a year with minimal to know social following or engagement all while spending money every month buying ads on Facebook and Instagram that failed every month to break even. After all the failures of previous agencies, they hired an in-house social media manager. The production increased, quality improved and then their social media manager left. They came to Grayling and Wraith at this point, fed up and burned out with no results except losses to show for their first two years in business.

Our process

  • Brand Alignment & Goal Setting
  • Companywide audit of all past social media posts
  • Strategi Of Social Media Content Strategy

Our Solutions

  • Comprehensive Six-Month plan for Unified Brand Presence On Social Media
  • Video Content Creation – one reel per week w/ one iconic brand video per month
  • Engagement-First Social Media Content – 7 posts per week w/ 3 stories per week
  • Website Redesign w/ Checkout Optimized User Flow
  • SEO Strategy to Increase Organic Ranking in Search Engines
  • Redesigned Ads Strategy w/ FB & IG Purely as a Remarketing Engine


Grayling Agency created a cohesive organic social media content strategy that planned for the short, mid, and long term and helped convert followers into paying customers. Our new ads strategy placed primacy on human intent and targeted potential buyers at the point of search while we converted them with remarketing ads on Facebook and Instagram. We were able to increase Dermsilk’s ad spend from $2,000 a month ad spend and negative returns to over $125,000 in Q4 with an average return of 479%. Organic ranking increase for terms like “hyaluronic acid” and other relevant keywords.

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We grew Dermsilk’s Following by over 20,000 followers and increase engagement rates across all channels. Shopping spree monthly giveaways with a luxury feel. Ads images Return on ad spend. We stopped using Facebook and Instagram to prospect, and instead focused on retargeting to point of search traffic generated by PPC ads on Google and Bing.