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A Journey from Six to Seven Figures

Ashley sells a well-known Amazon FBA course that teaches people how to make money private labeling products for sale on amazon. Private Coaching Com has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world launch six figure online business. Many of their client’s products are in the Top 1% of Amazon sales.
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Table of Contents

Their Goals

      • Reduce Owner Time Running Facebook and Instagram Ads so She Could Focus on Expanding Her Sales Team
      • Scale sales and reduce the cost of webinar signups as well as overall costs for enrollment
      • Total ad spend during this time: 5-10k a month

    Pain Points

    Ashely was spending 15-20 hours a week on managing her ads which left little time for her to work on expanding other departments within her company. Her ads that were being banned for Facebook violations and had no reliable sale price tracked through her account. Because of the technical setup of her business (over 7 touch points prior to the sale), tracking and attribution was non-existent. She had no way to tell which ads were delivering the best results and no ability to scale ads that worked resulting in ad burn and frustration.

    Our Process

      • Kick-off Call for Brand Discovery
      • Review and Establish Client Goals
      • Identify Pain Points and perform SWOT analysis
      • Provide Custom Solutions and Strategies
      • Review and Build on Our successes

    Our Solution

        • Facebook Ad Management: We were able to profitably grow her ad spends from 10k a month to over 100k a month under management.
        • Instagram Ad Management: Grayling and Wraith grew her Instagram following and increased follower engagement with foundational content.
        • Add Email Marketing: We were able to successfully implement a post click strategy that segmented her audience to deliver relevant messages to where they were in the sales funnel.
        • SMS Marketing: SMS marketing was implemented to increase email open rates and support booking calls with her coaching staff.
        • Consulting on Call Setting: We advised on software set up and implementation and helped implement round robin scheduling capabilities to facilitate the increased number of sales calls.
        • Increased Client Activation: Taken together, our efforts were able ensure an omni channel sales experience and increase lead activation. 


      Content-Driven Strategy
      We were able to build a custom reporting dashboard (synced to Google Data Studios for easy display) that took into account every step in Ashley’s business, whether clicks came from emails, SMS, Facebook messenger, Facebook live ads–it didn’t matter. We tracked every single action through the buying process and were able to pinpoint which ads lead to booked strategy calls and which booked strategy calls lead to sales. Using this data we were able to build the perfect audiences and effectively optimize our ads based on real-time sales data synced to Ashley’s invoicing service.

      We built on this data and were able to pinpoint specific ad sets and audiences that were outperforming others and scaled the effective audiences and ads. During this time, Ashley was able to successfully train three new salespeople with the time she saved from managing her own ads. After four months of managed Facebook and Instagram ads, we were able to scale our ad spend by 600% (to 60k a month), while lowering overall cost per enrollment for Ashley’s coaching business.

      Amount Spent$31,354Amount Spent$1,420,976.87
      Number of Leads39Number of Leads45,876
      Total Sales$72,345Total Sales$6,000,000+
      ROAS98%ROAS~2.81 with Upsells
      Untracked Spend76%Tracked Results100%
      Privat coaching company case study ads management reporting

      Why Choose Grayling and Wraith?

      Finding a professional, reliable, and affordable solution for your social media needs can be exhausting. Working with an agency like Grayling and Wraith will truly take the stress off your hands so you can focus on running your company. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for your social media needs by creating and curating high quality content, handling and developing audiences and growth, and strategic paid advertising campaigns.

      We are 100% focused on social media and have the track record to back up our word. We’ve worked with 100’s of businesses and provided solutions for businesses just like you. Let’s create the right solution for you and your business needs!

      Grayling and Wraith to excellent to work with and really takes the time to understand, scale and manage your campaigns from the inside out. I would absolutely recommend any coaches who were looking to have their ads managed! The peace of mind that I got working with him (and having my ads do better than ever) was invaluable to my company, not to mention the time it freed up for me to actually work ON my business and finally ad my sales teams. We are expanding to Canada and the UK now!
      Ashley Kinkead
      Founder and CEO