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How Grayling and Wraith Facilitated $30k+in Free Advertising

Google Grants: Fueling Non-Profit Missions Delve into the world of Google Grants, where up to $10,000 in free ad spend awaits qualifying 501(c)3 non-profits indefinitely. Learn how Grayling and Wraith leverages this opportunity, unlocking funds to propel non-profits like Tupelo Press forward. Since 2003, Google Grants has empowered over 115,000 non-profits globally, and we know how to make it work for you.
Tupelo Press and Grayling & Wraith Case Study

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Who is Attainment?

Grayling and Wraith takes the tedious, complex, and vital elements of organizational growth off their hands, so that busy and talented founders can focus on the creative growth of their organization and better support and nurture their community. Every year, thousands of Non-Profits are born into the world. These Non-Profits are rooted in brilliant ideas for changing the world, however, for most active and nascent foundations, the fundamentals for business success are lacking. As a result, funding, marketing, and free advertising and networking are all lacking. Like most ventures in the for-profit world, these dreams are often shattered in the first three years. We fix that.

About Tupelo Press

Tupelo Press has been fostering the literary arts since 1999. They are an independent, literary press devoted to discovering and publishing works of poetry, literary fiction, and creative nonfiction by emerging and established writers. Their team of twenty full-time staff members, volunteers, and interns is based in Massachusetts, USA. They released their first publication in 2001. Since that initial publication, they have sponsored a series of events and additional publications, while providing crucial support and development to the writing community. The annual Tupelo Berkshire Prize Award honors a new receipt each year with a $3,000 prize and has featured many of the past decades’ most esteemed authors.

What is a Google Grant?

Google offers up to $10,000 a month in free ad spend to non-profits who meet their requirements; once approved, this is available to qualifying 501(c)3 approved Non-Profits INDEFINITELY. The crazy thing is; this money is just out there WAITING for you!

And we know how to get it for you.

Let Google Ad Grants fuel your nonprofit’s mission. From the local food banks to feeding our neighbors to the international aid organizations responding during times of crisis, Google Grants are for you, to help you grow. Since 2003, they have awarded over $10 billion in free advertising to over 115,000 nonprofits across 51 countries. With the help of this technology, we believe every nonprofit can grow online.

Strengths & Opportunities Before Working with Grayling and Wraith?


• The organization had a large audience and broad appeal
• Zoom unlocked virtual networking outside of their MA location
• Large, unique variety of literary genres offered
• Large, engaged audience on social media interested in submissions & new releases


• Increase newsletter sign-ups
• Increase awareness outside of MA through Zoom
• Expose the audience to higher-quality content

Weaknesses Tupelo Needed Grayling and Wraith to Solve?

• Weaknesses & Threats
• Lack of digital advertising tracking & monitoring
• Poor digital presence & consistent messaging
• Lack of organization
• Poor traffic to the online submission site
• Competition has a better-structured marketing approach

Results of Grayling and Wraith’s Efforts in 2021

  • Over 7,000 FREE Clicks to Site II Click through Rate Over 6.6%
  • Over 33,000 Conversions on Site II Conversions Under $9
  • Overall Website Traffic Increased by 15%
  • Newsletter List Grew from 13k to 16k
  • **All Created by $28,000 in FREE Ad Spend

Grayling and Wraith earned Tupelo Press a coveted place in Google’s Grant Program while their team remained focused on their larger mission. Once approved, Grayling and Wraith setup the initial Adwords Campaign that led to the metrics above in the first three months. In terms of ROAS (Return on Spend), Grayling and Wraith’s Google Grant Program earned Tupelo Press 3300% on their investment in this program; for every dollar invested, they received $33 + back in funds to support their growth in the first three months … and growing through free advertising.