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How to get more customers through the door


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About BackBay Brewing

BackBay came to us looking to increase their customer count on their “down days”: Tuesday and Sunday afternoons.

Brand Goals

  • Expand local awareness
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Increase customer counts and revenue during all the days of the week

Pain Points

No one came in on Tuesdays or Sundays; their email list and SMS functionality was non-existent and they relied on radio and organic social media to raise brand awareness.


  • Email lead generation
  • Email and SMS automation
  • Managed social media campaigns
  • Consultation regarding events and marketing collateral

The Results

We went beyond simply raising their customer counts on Tuesdays and Sundays, though that was accomplished in week two. After gathering over 9,000 emails during the first month, we added email and SMS marketing offering coupon redemptions. We attributed a 15% increase in customer count throughout our active campaigns. During month two, we added ticket sales and event attendance sold out two separate events with $20 tickets, and generated a 368% return on ad spend.

About Grayling and Wraith

At Grayling Agency, we specialize in building and managing complex Facebook

and Instagram Ads that produce transparent results designed to grow and action your customer base. We partner with your company to uncover high-value, revenue-focused audiences so we can expand the social acquisition channels for your products and services.

We do one thing and one thing only: All day, every day we are managing our client’s ads with one goal: grow their businesses; whether that’s direct sales or B2b lead generation, our company is laser-focused and driven by data.

It's been incredible working with Grayling and Wraith during the last 6 months. We went from having a couple down days during the week to selling out monthly events with 3 hours of launch thanks to our incredible local presence, the efficacy of email and SMS marketing and hard work from our staff on gathering some great social media collateral that Cutter recommended to us. We were able to expand our brewery capacity and now have food trucks in every week (to the delight of our customers)--and each day is advertised on social and TEXT to our customers! It's a no-brainer, if you're looking for social media strategy and management in any food services industry, then Grayling is the way to go!
Josh C.
Owner of BackBay Brewing