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Boosting air purifier sales

How Grayling Agency helped an air purifier company boost their sales and create a strong social presence to build awareness for their brand.
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About Oransi

Oransi makes top-rated air purifiers that people use and need. They believe everyone deserves to breathe clean, fresh air and have been doing this for over 15 years. To achieve this, they challenge the status quo to build better air purifiers. Performance is most important in addition to being simple to use and reliable. Orani’s air purifiers clean 99.99% of airborne particles and have been considered the “Tesla of air purifiers”.

Their Goals

      • Brand Awareness

      • Build Community & Follower Growth

      • Increase Sales

    Pain Points

    Oransi has been designing and making air purifiers to provide people with the cleanest air possible, and that’s something that they’ve excelled at. However, they weren’t sure what to do when it came to promoting themselves and building a community on social media. Oransi expressed that they didn’t have experience with social ads and content. Oransi was referred to
    Grayling and Wraith by a PR agency, and after an introductory call, was ready to have Grayling and Wraith help them to meet their social media goals.

    Our Process

        • Kick-off Call for Brand Discovery

        • Review and Establish Client Goals

        • Identify Pain Points and perform SWOT analysis

        • Provide Custom Solutions and Strategies

        • Review and Build on Our successes

      Our Solution

      Content Creation & Social Media Management

      Provided foundational content using high-quality and on brand content to stand out from their competitors. The goal for their organic content was to grow the brand online by creating a consistent social presence.

      Enhanced Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter

      Our team utilized online tools to spark engagement on these platforms. Engagement is primarily done through following accounts that use hashtags that are relevant to the audience we wanted to attract for the Oransi brand.

      Paid Social Ads

      Grayling created Facebook Boost campaign, Facebook Likes campaigns, and eCommerce campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to increase brand awareness, build a strong following, and generate more sales for Oransi’s air purifiers.


      Scaled to over 2.1M in monthly Revenue

      Lifetime eCommerce Report
      Reach1,765,395Checkouts Initiated1,941
      Impressions5,172,875Checkout Initiated Value$1,271,229.15
      Clicks to Website63,497Checkout to Purchase Conversion Rate 96.24%
      Click-Through Rate1.23%Sales1,868
      Cost per Click to Website$1.47Revenue$1,061,063.38
      Product Views35,652Ad Spend$93,294.14
      Product View to Add to Cart
      Conversion Rate
      5.44%Return on Ad Spend11.37

      Grayling and Wraith was able to establish a robust influencer program and extensive retargeting to increase conversion rate and sales numbers to over seven figures a month.

      Lifetime Likes Report
      Page Likes4,034
      Cost per Page Like$0.99
      Ad Spent$3,976.54

      Grayling and Wraith increased the exposure of Oransi’s Facebook content by boosting posts to their target audience, thus increasing their reach, impressions, and overall engagement.

      Lifetime Boost Report
      Post Engagement21,045
      Cost per Post Engagement$0.07
      Ad Spent$1,391.05

      Grayling and Wraith’s organic social posts helped Oransi establish a solid presence across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Through eye-catching photos and engaging copy, we were able to connect with their audience, build engagement, and inform users about how great Oransi’s air purifiers are.

      Our focus is on designing and making the best home environment products and have chosen to hire experts to manage our social media as that is not a core competency for us. Previously we had worked with a couple marketing agencies, however they were never able to get good traction. Since we started with Grayling and Wraith we have seen strong improvements in our social engagement and likes as well as a strong ROAS (return on ad spend) to where we see this as a strong marketing channel to further propel our growth. It’s night and day from what we experienced earlier. Finding a professional, reliable, and affordable solution for your social media needs can be exhausting. Working with an agency like Grayling and Wraith will truly take the stress off your hands so you can focus on running your company. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for your social media needs by creating and curating high quality content, handling and developing audiences and growth, and strategic paid advertising campaigns. We are 100% focused on social media and have the track record to back up our word. We’ve worked with 100’s of businesses and provided solutions for businesses just like you. Let’s create the right solution for you and your business needs!
      Peter Mann
      CEO of Oransi